Surface Grinding

  • Cylinder head planing, Cast iron and aluminium heads

  • Cylinder block facing

  • Oil pump reconditioning

Engine Reboring

  • Engine reboring

  • Engine cylinder sleeving

Crank Shaft Grinding

  • Virtually all automotive engines, including:

    • Truck/Heavy Diesel

    • Light Duty

      • Petrol

      • Diesel

      • LPG

    • Tractor

    • Marine

    • Classics


Cylinder Head Reconditioning

  • Valve seat inserting

  • Valve seat facing

  • Liners inserted into worn guides

  • Crack testing heads

  • Cracked cast iron heads repaired with inserted tube sealing area of crack

  • Cracked aluminium heads welded

  • Pressure testing heads

Line Boring

  • Line boring main bearing housings

  • Line boring cam bearing housings

Conrod Reconditioning

  • Gudgeon bushes machined

  • Big end housing resized

  • Conrod straightening

Magnetic Component Crack Testing

  • Crack testing axles

  • Crankshafts

  • Pinions

  • Gears

  • Shafts and any steel components

Alkaline Heated Immersion Cleaning, Degreasing Bath

  • Complete engine blocks immersed and cleaned internally

  • Heads immersed and cleaned internally

  • All engine parts degreased and cleaned

Manifold Flange Face Surfacing

  • Exhaust manifold faces planed flat

  • Inlet manifold faces planed flat

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